Female 70, with uterine bleeding successfully treated with 2 weeks of herbal medicine

About the Author

Nicholas Kimble, N.D.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Interest in Traditional Medicine & Eastern Medicine

Main Signs and Symptoms

Female patient presented to my clinic with uterine bleeding. The issue was ongoing and the patient had exhausted options with her general practitioner and her gynaecologist was recommending surgery. Patient was interested in trying herbal medicine in an attempt to prevent the need for surgery.

On inspection: history of pelvic organ prolapse (10 years). Vaginal pessary necessary.

Pulse: deep and week

After 2 weeks of treatment, the patient notified me that her uterine bleeding had completely stopped. This was a successful treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Idiopathic uterine bleeding is generally due to Kidney Yang deficiency. A similar presentation typically occurs with heavy menstrual bleeding.

My treatment objective was to Enrich the Kidney Yang. The standard formula I use for these cases is:

Zhuang Yang Yi Jing Wan (Epimedium & Ginseng Formula)

The patient reported that the uterine bleeding had completely cleared after 14 days of the herbal formula. She was surprised with the result.

I advised to continue the formula for 3 months to consolidate the case. The aim here was to prevent a recurrence of this condition.

Note: the dose of this formula needs to be high to achieve a quick clinical effect.