Male 31, with plantar fasciitis successfully treated with 2 weeks of herbal medicine

About the Author

Nicholas Kimble, N.D.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Interest in Traditional Medicine & Eastern Medicine

Main Signs and Symptoms

Male patient presented to my clinic with plantar fasciitis. Patient was keen to try herbal medicine to resolve the issue.

On inspection: arch of patients left foot painful, worse in the mornings.

Pulse: Empty Kidney pulse

After 2 weeks of treatment, the patient notified me that the pain in the arch of his left foot was completely gone.

Diagnosis and Treatment

This is plantar fasciitis due to Kidney Yin and Jing deficiency and Liver Blood deficiency. Tradition teaches us that the Kidney Yin and Liver Blood are interchangeable. The Kidney is a reservoir of Blood and Liver Blood nourishes the tendons and ligaments.

My treatment objectives were to tonify Kidney Yin and Jing and Enrich the Liver Blood. The standard formula I use for these cases is:

Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan (Jia Wei) (Polygonum & Cuscuta Formula)

The patient reported that the pain in the arch of his foot had completely cleared after 14 days of the herbal formula.

I advised to continue the formula for 3 months to consolidate the case. By Enriching the Jing, we can prevent a recurrence of this condition.

Note: the dose of this formula needs to be high to achieve a quick clinical effect.