Traditional Chinese Medicine

abdominal mass (zheng jia)

There are type types of abdominal masses. Those caused by Qi Stagnation are impalpable, soft and movable. Those caused by Blood Stasis are palpable, firm and fixed.

abcess (yong)

Due to Heat-Toxin or Damp-Heat which obstruct the Channels. This results in Qi and Blood Stagnation, congealing and binding with the pathogens to form pus. Internally, Heat-Toxin may arise from the excessive consumption of rich foods. Externally, Heat-Toxin may enter the body from open wounds.

aromatically transform Dampness

An activity where herbs with aromatic properties are used to activate the Spleen to dry Dampness.

Clinical Gem:


In practice, this technique requires a lengthly course of treatment and is often ineffective. It is better to go to the root cause of Dampness directly to resolve the issue quickly and permanently by tonifiying the root of the Spleen - the Kidney Yang. The formula Zhuang Yang Yi Jing Wan yields excellent clinical results.